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Does the petainerKeg™ fit my standard tapping equipment?

Yes, the petainerKeg™ can be tapped to standard and Micromatic-compatible coupling systems (A-, S- and D- Type), no conversion and additional investment is necessary.

Can the petainerKeg™ be filled on my existing filling line?

Yes, for filling on steel keg lines Petainer offer two options a.) the petainerKeg™ USD version, or b.) the adapter keg. For both options the racker needs to be equipped with a one-way-keg filling operation mode and format parts – please contact your machine supplier for further details

Nevertheless the most economical option is using the petainerKeg Classic version with a dedicated one-way-keg filler.

Can petainerKeg™ be used and filled immediately?

Yes, petainerKeg™ are delivered ready-to-use, i.e. no cleaning or rinsing required.

Is petainerKeg™ recyclable?

Yes, petainerKeg™ is fully and easily recyclable in a standard plastic recycling stream.

Is petainerKeg™ available at short notice?

Yes, petainerKeg™ are available from stock. Fast reactions to cover peaks or unforeseen demands are feasible.

Can petainerKeg™ be used in hot areas?

Yes, the specified and continuously tested burst pressure of the keg is 7bar. The CO2 content should not exceed 5.5 g/l.

Nevertheless in the interest of the beer quality we recommend to monitor all Kegs throughout the supply chain.

Is petainerKeg™ safe?

The petainerKeg™ is equipped with a pressure release function which automatically depressurises the system at decoupling of the empty belly. The petainerKeg is also protected by an outer packaging, either carton or Polypropylene.

How can petainerKeg™ increase revenue?

The petainerKeg™ offers the possibility to increase export and explore new markets.

Due to the one-way concept it is a “sell & forget” opportunity.

Will my customers and I recieve technical support?

Technical pre & after sales programs help customers and end-user in all regards from the set-up of a full automatic blowing and filling line to end-customer trainings.

What are the risks of a petainerKeg™ bursting?

When filled, handled and transported correctly, petainerKegs are completely safe. For your security the following should be observed:
Avoid sharp objects.
Maintain the correct filling pressure (Max 3bar).
Always handle with care.
Burst pressure of a petainerKeg™ is 7bar.

What is the shelf life of my product – in a petainerKeg™?

The shelf life offered by any container is influenced by the sterility of the product inside, the filling process and the sterility of the container. The ability of the container to prevent the ingress of oxygen / egress of CO2 and protect from UV light are also important.

petainerKegs are delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile. The PET/scavenger contains nylon. As such they can offer a shelf life equal to, or better than any "standard" metal containers:


15 litre classic

20 litre classic

30 litre classic

40 litre classic

20 litre USD variant

30 litre USD variant


Shelf life








petainerKegs contain a brown pigment within the plastic, and are transpored within a carton to eliminate UV light.

What happens if a petainerKeg™ gets hot inside a cargo container?

Like any pressurised container, petainerKegs are completely safe when transported, within the correct temperature guidelines.

petainerKegs should be stored at 20 – 22°C, although higher temperatures (up to 30°C) can be tolerated for short periods, of up to one week.

Temperature tests of up to 50°C have been undertaken. Results indicate that the Petainer still performs within specification, but the affect on product is questionable.


Can I manually fill a ‘classic’ petainerKeg™?

Yes, according to the available handling instructions.

Is a blown keg delivered sterile and pressurised with CO2?

Blown petainerKegs are delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile. They are pressurised with sterile air.

Before filling, kegs must be purged (to remove O2) using inert gas – typically CO2, N2, or mixed gas.

Standard petainerKeg™ are suitable for carbonated products. Please contact Petainer before attempting to use with nitrogenated products.

Can I fill a petainerKeg™ on my current keg line?

20 and 30 litre keg formats have been designed for use on some existing, suitably modified metal keg filling lines.*

petainerKeg™ Brochure

All petainerKegs reduce the cost of fleet storage and cleaning. In addition, USD kegs bring the benefit of experiencing PET technology, without initially investing in new filling systems.

Will PET taint/affect the flavour of my product?

No. PET is the ideal solution for your beverages and is trusted by many breweries to preserve 100% of product flavour. PET is totally inert, and will not influence or taint your products in any way.

Scientific research confirms this:

Independent 2000 International Life Sciences Institute_report on packaging materials.pdf

How does a petainerKeg™ protect the quality of my product?

Use of ‘barrier technologies‘ to prevent oxygen ingress and maintain product quality is just one of the reasons we are the system of choice for breweries in many countries:

Report on taste testing

PET slows the egress of CO2, and a pigment protects against harmful UV light. Recent findings indicate that our PET blend not only prevents the ingress of Oxygen, but actively reduces dissolved oxygen, if present, in product.

How robust is the ‘cardboard’ carton in transport?

Our cartons support your products throughout their lifecycle if kept dry, and are handled with reasonable care.

Although not load bearing (like the polypropylene sleeves used on our 20l and 30l USD formats), All Petainer packaging uses less space, and can be 100% recycled at source (where facilities allow).

How easy is it to dispense from a petainerKeg™ in a bar?

All petainerKegs carry ‘MicroMatic’ compatible fittings. Familiar to retail outlets world-wide, they require very little additional training. Whilst fittings are MicroMatic compatible, we cannot guarantee operation with alternative systems.

Can a bar’s beer line be cleaned while dispensing from a Petainer?

Yes, please direct your team to the following...

To disconnect:

1. Position the keg in an upright position.

2. Wrap a cloth around the fitting and dispensing head.

3. Pull the dispensing head handle upward.

4. Turn the dispensing head counter-clockwise and gently remove it from the keg, releasing pressure through the automatic pressure relief valve.

5. Keep the keg upright and cover the ‘open’ fitting.

Reconnect as quickly as possible:

1. Push the dispensing head into the ‘open’ fitting.

2. Hold the fitting with one hand, and with the other, turn the dispensing head clockwise until it stops.

3. Keep hold of the dispensing head, release the keg and push down the dispensing head handle.

The keg is ready to dispense.

Are all the materials and components completely recyclable?

Yes 100%. petainerKegs, packaging and fittings are amongst the greenest of contemporary packaging and can be fully recycled (where facilities allow).

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