Zero Waste

Gamechanging packaging for brands with big ideas.

Future focused expertise

We use our expertise in innovation to develop gamechanging packaging that takes our customer's brands to the next level in performance and sustainability.
We balance ecological factors with the economic needs of our customers; we call this our economics philosophy. It inspires us to deliver high performance packaging that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Better products,
Better results

Petainer focuses on creating process and product solutions that provide better results for companies, consumers and the environment.
Economics is the foundation of these outcomes; developing packaging that empowers companies to make better decisions for the environment and their bottom line.

Collaboration + Partnership

Petainer builds partnerships based on a shared philosophy and mindset. We seek partners of all sizes and scope who share our values and see partnership as an integral part of evolving their business.

Culture + Talent

Join an exciting company that’s changing the face of sustainable packaging.
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Zero Waste
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