Zero Waste

Our vision is to become the world leader in sustainable PET and other plastics                 packaging innovations

Our vision and strategy

We are pioneers in plastic packaging; challenging barriers and previously perceived limitations. We are at the forefront of innovative solutions that deliver the needs of our customers, the environment and consumers. Our vision is to become the world leader in sustainable PET and other plastics container innovation by offering gamechanging solutions to dynamic and pioneering businesses.
This vision is built on the principle of “excellence in sustainability based on zero waste™”. 

How we will get there

Our strategy revolves around five key drivers:
Specialist Small / large containers
Substrate / processing Conversion Value chain
Economics, Sustainability ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Systems
TCO Consultative Service Excellence
zero waste™
Lean FMEA Forecasts Capacity Economics
This means making strategic choices based around the following calls to action:
Create gamechanging technology
Our talent for innovation combined with our consultative approach means we can develop a pipeline of gamechanging packaging solutions that will completely disrupt the market status quo.
Work with smart brands

Petainer aligns itself with dynamic brands who reciprocate our values and challenge the status norms. Big or small, the objective is simple: achieve market advantage with a gamechanging approach.

Select the best partners

When creating gamechanging packaging solutions, our partners are vital to understanding how to deliver on our customer's business objectives. We spend time selecting the business partners who make our key principles their own.

Focus on the customer, obsessively

Petainer is committed to helping our customers grow their business through the use of sustainable, high performing packaging. This commitment means we are focused on delivering exceptional service; from innovation and design through to after sales support.

Build the best team
Our leadership team come from diverse backgrounds, we tailor all our experience and problem solving to our clients business and we welcome people who embrace our philosophy and want to create a better future.
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Zero Waste
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