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Gamechanging packaging technology, in four different formats.

Petainer sets the benchmark in sustainable high performance packaging across dozens of industries and sectors worldwide. The foundation to our success is combining business understanding with packaging innovation. We work collaboratively with our customers to understand their strategic and portfolio needs and identify opportunities to optimise their product proposition. The outcome puts Petainer and our customers ahead of competitors.
Petainer’s philosophy is economics: delivering high performing, cost effective packaging solutions that are environmentally sustainable and deliver on consumer needs. A keystone to this philosophy is recognising that no two brands or products are alike. That’s why we work collaboratively to understand our customers and deliver the best possible service to achieve their goals. From keg to containers, beer and cider to healthcare products; Petainer specialises in packaging that is tailored to product requirements and that supports brand equity.

Petainer Keg Petainer Keg
Taking beer, cider and wine to the four corners of the world
  • Globalising draught beverage supply
  • Tap and Go - 100% compatible with dispensing equipment
  • Delivers taste how brand owner intended
  • Zero reverse logistics costs
  • Zero maintenance, cleaning costs and deposit systems
  • Zero effluents products from cleaning
Petainer Cooler Petainer Cooler
BPA-free water cooler bottles for 100% pure H20
  • Environmentally conscious - up to half the carbon emissions of Polycarbonate
  • Up to 3 times the trip rate of other plastics
  • Ability to supply as preforms or blown containers
  • Returnable and refillable; with & without handle
  • Industry leading shatter resilience
  • Significantly improved robustness compared to the market norms
Petainer Jar Petainer Jar
Lifting the lid on a world of opportunity
  • Available in PET, HDPE and CPP to accommodate all product needs
  • Shatterproof – significantly improved food safety
  • Reduced logistics improves TCO and reduces carbon footprint
  • Calibrated seal means consumer safety and content protection
  • Barrier technology delivers superior shelf life
  • Available in 120mm neck size ranging from 2.5L to 6L
Petainer Small Container Petainer Small Container
Small yet perfectly-formed packaging containers
  • Available in PET, HDPE, PP and CPP to service all packing needs
  • Average 20+ trips on refillable bottles
  • Suitable for a range of chemicals from cleaning to body care products
  • Lightweight technology that delivers high performance
  • Use of 25-100% PCR
  • Barrier technology beyond CSD and water
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Zero Waste
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