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Petainer announces an industry first with new lease agreements for petainerKeg™ blowing and filling lines

For Immediate Release: Monday 21 November 2016


Petainer announces an industry first with new lease agreements

for petainerKeg™ blowing and filling lines



Petainer, the market leader in innovative PET packaging, has launched a range of new rental agreements for filling and blowing lines to help customers take full advantage of the petainerKeg™ system. 


In a first for the one-way keg market, the agreements have been designed to give breweries, wineries, cider producers and other beverage manufacturers access to new equipment which will enable them to grow and enter new markets.  petainerKeg™ is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional steel kegs, thanks to reduced capital expenditure, lower total cost of ownership and significant supply chain benefits. 


The new lease agreements can be tailored to suit customers’ specific needs, enabling them to rent a range of equipment, from standalone manual systems to fully-automated blow fill lines on a simple ‘pay per keg’ basis, with payments as low as €0.60 per keg [$USD 0.65 / $CAD 0.85].  There is no up-front fee or deposit and customers have the option to purchase at the end of the lease. 


Petainer is working with KHS, Sidel and PET Technologies to provide customers with high quality equipment to meet their needs.  For example, the rental of a blowmoulder allows customers to maximise the economic benefits of two-stage production which is unique to petainerKeg™ and gamechanging technology compared to other one-way kegs.  This system can also be used for Petainer’s other products such as petainerCooler™, providing additional benefits.


Brett Lamont, Sales Director Distribution at Petainer said: “We wanted to develop a solution for customers which helps them grow and expand their business.  For many, the lease agreements will provide a cost-effective option for taking advantage of all the benefits of petainerKeg™.  We have already seen a great deal of interest in this approach because it can be tailored to meet individual customer’s needs.”



To hear from some of Petainer’s customers and how the petainerKeg™ system has transformed their businesses, visit




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About Petainer

Petainer is a global leader in high performance and sustainable packaging.  It is a specialist engineering and disruptive technology business, an industry-leader in the development, design and manufacture of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) food and beverage containers.


Petainer creates plastic packaging, often using highly engineered PET, which is stretched to reduce the weight of the packaging but without compromising strength and performance. This offers global brands advantages in terms of both cost and sustainability. See


Petainer is a UK-based company which has production plants in Sweden and the Czech Republic, blowing facilities in North America, Russia, India and Australia, as well as sales offices in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, the USA, Canada and UK. 


About petainerKeg™


petainerKeg™ is a one-way 20 or 30 Litre keg made from highly engineered advanced polymers for the beer, wine and other beverage segments.



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Clare Anderson

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