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Petainer is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable PET and other plastics containers. Partnering with progressive brands to achieve the impossible, Petainer changes the game by offering expert advice and innovation that offers brand owners competitive advantage in their markets.

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Petainer is a global leader in one-way kegs that are fully recycable. In the German market we are the number one supplier of refillable bottles, and in the Nordics we are the number one specialist in small PET and other plastics containers.
Petainer, together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, has developed a C02 emission calculator, allowing our customers to assess the improvement PET delivers to their environmental credentials delivering on the brands CSR objectives.
A report from the UK government agency Waste and Resources Action (WRAP) and research by Coca-Cola showed that PET has better environmental performance than glass.
Petainer understands our customer's product DNA. We are able to recommend the best barrier technology for products ranging from CSD, tomato sauce to dairy to ensure content quality and shelf life.
Our New Product Development team supports packaging innovations for brand owners from on-site Innovation days through to product launch.
Advanced polymer engineering has now made 2-stage production in HDPE possible, resulting in a minimum reduction in materials of 25%.
petainerKeg™ is versatile and extensive, ranging from beer, sparkling wine, other alcoholic beverages to iced coffee. petainerKeg™ guarantees taste quality and supports a 9 month shelf life.
Our polymer engineering results in lighter preforms for our petainerSmallContainer™ product range; reducing materials, retaining top load strength, whilst delivering high performance
petainerCooler™ is BPA free and outperforms other plastic containers in drop tests. With a 2:1 trip rate petainerCooler™ is a bulk water container that puts brand owners ahead of its competitors.
petainerKeg™ globalises draught beverage supply while reducing TCO for brand owners: improved outbound payload, zero reverse logistics, zero effluents and improved carbon footprint.
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