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petainerKegs are providing Westons with new opportunities in niche domestic markets


Westons produce a range of award winning ciders and perries at their plant in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, UK. Westons draught ciders are available throughout the UK, and are also exported to around 40 countries worldwide. From hotels, to restaurants, pubs and bars you will find Westons products, continuing to demonstrate their rich heritage of quality cider making.

The Challenge:

Westons draught ciders were already available in a few countries around the world, in “standard” stainless steel kegs. The company wanted to extend its draught cider international export markets to include countries where it was difficult or expensive to return the keg from. In addition, a number of niche domestic markets have been identified, where there are opportunities to increase sales volumes via the Petainer format. Westons needed an inexpensive, reliable means to supply cider to customers in both existing and developing markets. Packaging quality and integrity is essential because of the cider’s relatively high carbonation level.

The Petainer Solution:

Westons are using 30 litre petainerKegs to export its draught cider fitted with “Sankey” valves. Whilst already familiar with the advantages of PET, it is the first time Westons have used PET kegs. Extensive tests, including a pallet load sent to Australia and back, together with quality trials, demonstrated that the low-cost, recyclable kegs are 100 per cent reliable and ensure the cider is delivered in optimum condition. The environmentally-friendly containers provide the perfect packaging solution for Westons to supply their premium beverages to discerning cider drinkers in new markets. Manufacturing costs are lower with PET and because the kegs are non-returnable they save money on transport and could potentially help to reduce its carbon footprint. Westons have invested in a unique and innovative filling line for their Petainer production, which further reduces their production costs and allows contract packing to be undertaken for other cider makers and brand owners. Low-cost fittings allow petainerKegs to be used with the same tapping systems and equipment required for conventional metal containers. The kegs are safe, easy to handle and there are no “deposits” charged.

petainerKegs are providing Westons with new opportunities in niche domestic markets

The Results

■ Using petainerKegs, Westons are selling traditionally made, award-winning cider, on draught, to existing and new export markets

■ petainerKegs ensure that these premium products reach customers in first-class condition

■ Petainer provides Westons with high quality, product integrity and attention to detail
■ petainerKegs could help towards Westons reducing its environmental impact and its filling and transport costs throughout the supply chain
■ petainerKegs are providing Westons with new opportunities in niche domestic markets



“Petainer has provided us with the perfect draught packaging format for our products. Quality, especially around CO2 retention, is excellent. We also benefit from the commercial and important environmental advantages of filling and transporting our premium cider in Petainer Kegs to a number of markets”.
David Griffiths, Operations Director, H Weston & Sons Ltd
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