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petainerKeg™ - the perfect innovation for medal-winning brewery


Brewster’s are a UK-based independent brewery, with a growing reputation for producing beers, ales and lagers of exceptional quality and individual flavour.

Established in 1998 by owner Sara Barton, today this artisan brewery offers medal-winning beers of distinction for almost any occasion.
Proud of their brand, Brewster’s sought to introduce ‘Helles Belles’, their latest SIBA medal-winning Helles style lager, to a wider, though no less discerning audience.

The Challenge:
To expand Brewster’s name and grow the business, without attracting additional production costs along the line.

The Petainer Solution:
Brewster’s trust the operational advantages every 30L PET kegs delivers. Unlike lesser alternatives, PET kegs actively protect the product from oxygen. This leap forward in practical application guarantees 100% taste and quality from producer to consumer; encouraging Brewster’s to profit from changes in market demand. Petainer’s clearest advantage is weight. Significantly lighter than metal varieties, PET kegs (which can be blown in-situ,) require far less storage space and can dramatically reduce the costs of transportation. “Petainer eliminates the whole cost of return logistics.’’ Additionally because they can be fully-recycled, PET kegs remove the need for and cost of keg-fleets and reverse logistics. Substantial savings which Brewster’s can pass on to attract fresh business. ‘’They’re a straight swap technologically, and incredibly useable.’’ All petainerKegs carry disposable fittings supporting common filling and tapping systems, making them a reassuringly familiar technology. An innovation Brewster’s are already planning to make more of: “We’re working on an idea involving 20L petainerKegs and a courier van.”

petainerKeg™ - the perfect innovation for medal-winning brewery

The Results

■ Petainer delivers new opportunity
■ Petainer guarantees 100% taste & quality
■ Petainer removes keg-fleets & eliminates
transport costs

“We’re delighted with Petainer and have lots of ideas for using the kegs in fresh markets.”
Sean McArdle, Brewster’s Brewery
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