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petainerKeg™ provide high quality solution for Heathwick Ltd

Heathwick is a privately owned UK company specialising in freight import and export movement across the world. With the freight facility comes marketing and distribution support for fast moving consumer goods in the UK and US. The primary product focus for consumer goods is beverages, food, and non-food products.
In the UK, Heathwick is the sole importer and distributor for Fordham Brewery and Old Dominion Brewery. In the US, Heathwick is developing the import market for real English ale.

The Challenge:
An alliance with Coastal Brewery of Dover, Delaware, resulted in Heathwick leading the launch of a range of American “Craft Ales” under the Fordham Beer brand in the UK market. Both Heathwick and the brewery recognised that they could extend their international export markets, reduce their costs, and improve their environmental performance by adopting the Petainer solution. Petainer would also allow the development of the UK as a “niche” draught beer market and maximise sales volumes.
Petainer Kegs manufactured in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) have been chosen because they are more environmentally-friendly, lighter and less expensive than conventional metal kegs. They are ideal for the export
business because they do not need to be returned to the brewery when empty – they can simply be crushed and put into the normal plastics recycling system.

The Petainer Solution:
Coastal Brewery (Dover, Delaware) produce 30 litre Petainer Kegs fitted with US “Sankey” (D type) valves. It is the first time either Hardwick or the brewery has used PET kegs. Extensive tests and trials demonstrated that the low-cost, recyclable kegs are 100 per cent reliable and ensure that all product types are delivered in optimum condition.
The environmentally-friendly containers provide the perfect packaging solution for Hardwick’s clients to supply consumers with quality US “craft beer” on draught. Manufacturing costs at the brewery are lower with PET and because the kegs are non-returnable they save money on
logistics and help to reduce carbon footprint.
Low-cost fittings allow Petainer Kegs to be used with the same tapping systems and equipment required for conventional metal containers. The kegs are safe, easy to handle and there are no deposits charged.

petainerKeg™ provide high quality solution for Heathwick Ltd

The Results

■ Using petainerKegs, Heathwick are selling and distributing award-winning US “craft beer” to their clients
■ Heathwick are responsible for distribution across Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA)
■ petainerKegs ensure that these premium products consistently reach customers in first-class condition
■ Petainer provides Heathwick with high quality, product integrity and attention to detail
■ petainerKegs are helping Heathwick, their supplier and their clients to reduce environmental impact, minimise filling and transport costs throughout the supply chain and providing Heathwick with new opportunities in niche draught beer markets.

“Petainer has provided us with a new and innovative draught packaging format that globalises draught beer supply. It is now viable for us to ship fantastic beer over 3’000 miles and it arrives at our customers in perfect condition. The whole supply chain benefits from commercial and environmental advantages where drought product is favoured”.
Graham Richardson, General Manager. Heathwick Ltd
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