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petainerKeg™ offer Samko the perfect innovative solution


Pivovarinny Zavod Samko (Samko) is an independent brewery in central Russia which produces approximately 300,000 hectolitres of beer a year. Samko has established a reputation throughout Russia for brewing and supplying beers of high quality. Samko products have won numerous awards for quality at national and international exhibitions.

The Challenge:

Samko is aiming to build on its reputation for quality and establish itself as a leader in its field. The company’s ambition is to be recognised as one of Russia’s most successful and influential brewers. Improving product quality - while reducing costs and carbon footprint - is a constant goal that is understood, shared and supported by everyone working in the company. Progress and further improvement depend on innovations to increase product quality, manufacturing efficiency and product line expansion. Cutting edge technology is needed to deliver the best products with environmental and cost benefits.

The Petainer Solution:

Samko uses innovative new PET plastic kegs – supplied by Petainer – as containers for some of its high quality beers. It is one of the first major brewers to use these lightweight, fullyrecyclable kegs. The kegs are delivered to Samko as preforms and are blown and filled on a new semi automatic plastic keg line. This provides a clear advantage over metal kegs and other plastic formats. The impact of using environmentally-friendly PET kegs can be significant. Reducing costs, lowering its carbon footprint and improving cash flow will help to give Samko a competitive advantage.

petainerKeg™ offer Samko the perfect innovative solution

The Results

■ petainerKegs provide a high-value, energy-efficient solution to Samko’s needs for innovation-led improvements in quality and costs

■ The lightweight, fully-recyclable kegs can create new market and sales opportunities for Samko

■ petainerKegs save money, improve carbon footprint and provide a 100 per cent reassurance on taste and quality from filling to point-of-sale

■ Blowing kegs from preforms gives Samko clear environmental and cost benefits

“We believe there are important cost and environmental benefits for us in filling and selling our beer in Petainer plastic kegs. These kegs also offer many benefits that our customers appreciate. The feedback from them is encouraging.”
Valentin Samko, owner and managing director, Samko
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