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petainerKeg™ boosts sales at Nachod brewery


Nachod Brewery was founded in 1872 but ongoing investment means it is now one of the most modern and technically-advanced breweries in the Czech Republic. Nachod’s Primátor brands are high-quality beers with a distinctive taste. Sold throughout the Czech Republic they are now exported to customers in places as far apart as Hong Kong, Italy and Russia.

The Challenge:

Restaurants and bars around the world want to sell draught Primátor beer but often have limited storage space. Nachod needed a low-cost method of supplying beer in userfriendly kegs.

The Petainer Solution:

Nachod now uses 20  litre petainerKegs in branded cardboard cartons. This has increased sales of Primátor beer in local and export markets. One-way petainerKegs (made from environmentally friendly, recyclable PET) mean the brewery can supply high volumes of beer to new channels and markets. Low-cost fittings allow the kegs to be connected to existing tapping systems for draught beer in many countries. This provides Nachod with new opportunities to export and to reduce keg investment and freight costs. The benefits to Nachod customers include easy handling and no advance charges on metal kegs. There is no need to store empty kegs and this frees up vital storage space. The used kegs and cartons can simply be crushed and recycled which eliminates return and cleaning costs.

petainerKeg™ boosts sales at Nachod brewery

The Results

The Results:

■ By using petainerKegs, Nachod Brewery has increased sales of its high-quality Primátor beer. The benefits of using petainerKegs include:

■ They are ideal for restaurants and bars with limited storage space

■ No need for an expensive fleet of metal kegs to support peak demands

■ Kegs are easy to handle and delivered in branded, recyclable cardboard cartons

■ Nachod has improved its environmental performance – and its cash flow

“The petainerKeg™ has many benefits that our customers appreciate – including low weight. A full 20 litre petainerKeg™ weighs less than 21 kg, so it’s very easy to handle.”
Nachod Brewery
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