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Petainer support vital growth for new SourceFood sales


SourceFood is a privately-owned Swedish company which develops and manufactures flavourings and flavoured products. Among the company’s best-known products is the Caj P brand of barbecue grill oils, named after the father of current company chairman Christian Pontán. SourceFood aims for continuous innovation in products and production methods. Attractive, low cost packaging plays a key role in boosting sales and maximising profits.

The Challenge:

SourceFood’s products are ideal for barbecues and other outdoor events – so safe packaging is essential. Breakage risks must be eliminated by using a lightweight, environmentally-friendly container that is safe for use with food and is securely re sealable.

The Petainer Solution:

Petainer supplies SourceFood with 200, 250 and 750 ml PET containers for a variety of products. PET is an inert material that does not react with foods. It is resistant to attack by micro organisms and does not biologically degrade. PET containers are virtually impossible to break and, even when crushed, have no sharp edges. There is no risk of costly product recalls caused by sharp packaging fragments contaminating food. Production and transport efficiency and safety are all increased because PET containers weigh much less than glass.

The Results

■ PET packaging has boosted SourceFood’s sales

■ Breakage risks are eliminated and product safety improved by use of PET bottles

■ PET containers have lower cost, lighter weight and less environmental impact than glass

■ Petainer plays a key role in SourceFood’s continuous product innovation programme

“The PET packaging solution is flexible, cost-effective and safe. We work with Petainer because the company acts as a partner, trying to help us more than a regular ‘buy and sell’ supplier.”
Christian Pontán, chairman, SourceFood
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